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A Christian Apologist’s Sonnets

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Carole Di Tosti has been writing sonnets and poems for most of her life. Light Shifts is comprised entirely of sonnets and related essays. The poetry employs Carole Di Tosti’s love of the strict classical form used by the Elizabethan poets and particularly William Shakespeare. In Light Shifts, her first poetry book, Carole Di Tosti tackles issues of spiritual love, faith in God, depression, soul struggles, God in nature, and religion and politics.

Peregrine: The Ceremony of Powers: 

Book I in the Peregrine series

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This suspense novel takes you on a high-powered ride into supernatural worlds. It unwinds adventure and horror like the chilling cry of the peregrine falcon as it sights its prey, then hurtles toward the earth speeding 200 miles an hour to explode its victim on contact.


Peregrine: The Ceremony of Powers is a hybrid adventure thriller that dazzles.”

—Rosary O’Neill, Author of New Orleans Carnival Krewes: The History, Spirit & Secrets of Mardi Gras