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Under cover of darkness, Peregrine Randolf and Mocha Hamilton meet at Peregrine’s ancestral crypt in Calvary Cemetery to conduct an ancient ceremony that will give them supernatural powers. However, their friend Fennelly Girardo, on a car chase to save his kidnapped brother Manny, never arrives. Peregrine and Mocha begin the ritual without him. They are stopped when the crypt door mysteriously locks and the key in Peregrine’s possession disappears.

Evil spirits that protect the crypt attack the two women. The spirits abduct Mocha and leave her unconscious to die of exposure. Dark powers force Peregrine to confront the freezing atmosphere and her growing physical and mental deterioration. As her desperation to escape the sealed tomb intensifies, Peregrine discovers a way out which leads to a twisting labyrinth in the bowels of the cemetery, that becomes a harrowing nightmare from which it is impossible to escape.

While Peregrine battles to survive in the caves of Calvary that threaten to entomb her forever, above ground their friend Beach Comber rescues an unconscious Mocha. In a rotten twist of fate, Mocha’s cousin Detective Reggie Matthews flips Beach Comber’s heroic act into a sexual abuse charge. After the comatose Mocha is hospitalized and doctors find mysterious bruises on her neck and inside her throat, Detective Matthews explains their cause as Beach Comber’s violent act against Mocha.

Suspecting that her missing daughter has gone to the mausoleum to enact the occult ritual, Madeline Randolf follows Peregrine to Calvary. She fears their Black Nobility family who practices the dark arts. If they have enchanted the crypt, Peregrine has few if any supernatural talents to stop their spells. As Madeline searches for Peregrine, shapeshifting demon protectors of the mausoleum attack her. Madeline triumphs over them, but not without grave damage.

Meanwhile, Peregrine uses her last ounce of inner will to fight the powers of evil and elude deadly grave-robbing gangs who want to kill her. With troubles of their own Fennelly, who hasn’t recovered Manny, and Beach Comber, who is out on bail, finally discover the almost-dead Peregrine on a rain-swept night in the cemetery. Though Mocha is restored to consciousness, the nightmare experience alters her identity.

The four friends and their parents have undergone harrowing trials that have changed each of them. But Peregrine and Madeline do not realize that their actions at the mausoleum unleash the powers of darkness and intensify wickedness throughout the world.

In the series which follows Peregrine: The Ceremony of Powers, only until Peregrine and her friends solve the mystery of the crypt, which brings them to the haunted graveyards of Europe, does order emerge from chaos and a tentative peace settle for a season.


What Others Are Saying About Peregrine: The Ceremony of Powers



Peregrine: The Ceremony of Powers is a hybrid adventure thriller that dazzles. Carole Di Tosti pulls back the veil into the paranormal with the deftness of a master magician. Peregrine, Mocha, Fen and Beach Comber navigate the boundaries of life and death. Hair raising are their efforts to escape the strange, dark forces guarding the Johnson mausoleum. We see them confront shape-shifting demons and watch spellbound their enslavement to macabre ancestral crypts. Part I of the friends’ journey into occult realms unleashes the furor of this marvelous Peregrine series with gripping suspense.”

– Rosary O’Neill, Author of New Orleans Carnival Krewes: The History, Spirit & Secrets of Mardi Gras


“Carole Di Tosti is an excellent writer and one of Blogcritics’ most prolific contributors over the years.”

– Barbara Barnett, Executive Editor of Blogcritics Magazine, Author of Alchemy of Glass


“Carole Di Tosti’s penetrating insights and resonant prose have long added cultural gravitas to Blogcritics.”

– Jon Sobel, Executive Editor of Blogcritics Magazine


“Carole Di Tosti is an expressive writer with great insight, imagination and the unique skills to make a reader sit up and take notice.”

– Sandi Durell, Publisher/Editor of Theater Pizzazz


The crypt that inspired one of the settings of Peregrine: The Ceremony of Powers. (Carole Di Tosti)



What Lies Ahead for 2021-2022



Main Projects



Carole Di Tosti is currently working on three main projects in addition to her current schedule of reviewing


Carole with Australian cousins Mike and Anna on the ferry visiting Ellis Island and Liberty Island in NYC (Carole Di Tosti)

Channeled Consciousness is a book of poetry that Carole Di Tosti has been shaping which includes a few sonnets from her blog A Christian Apologist’s Sonnets (not your hyper-political, ultra-right-wing Christianity, but the Christianity of C.S. Lewis which focuses on Christ’s Love, Forgiveness and Redemption.) Channeled Consciousness will be released around December of 2021. Follow this website and Carole Di Tosti’s social media pages for updates.

Valore is Book II of the Peregrine series. It will be released sometime in 2022. Follow this website for updates.

Our American Fat, The Scourge, The Glory is a non-fiction work loosely based on anecdotes of Carole Di Tosti’s and others’ lifelong trials with weight loss, weight-gain, yo-yo dieting and fasting. Follow this website and my social media pages for updates toward its release.


Current Schedule


NYC Skyline reviews of various films, streaming theater (Irish Repertory Theater) and theater news and updates in London and NYC during the pandemic will be published. New York Botanical Garden exhibits will be reviewed as well as other notable exhibits or concerts in the NYC area. There will also be interviews of directors, writers and actors in theater and film.

Theater Pizzazz will feature my reviews throughout the year. Kudos to Sandi Durell for her leadership in making this theater magazine vital and uplifting during this exceedingly difficult time for NYC theater (Off Off, Off and Broadway). In January look for my critique of two shows in the Public Theatre’s Under the Radar Festival.

Blogcritics  reviews of film festival films (SXSW, Tribeca FF, NYFF and others) will be posted to the site. Kudos to my editors Jon Sobel and Barbara Barnett for their hard work and effort maintaining this wonderful magazine. Check my social media pages for the latest.

Carole Di Tosti’s Linchpin will occasionally feature reviews of international productions streaming live on BroadwayHD and other venues. And it may also feature a guest review of a streaming theater production or film.

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